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Successfully launched the employment service center CITIC Bank project

The flexible benefits platform offers customized Beijing welfare products for the Morgan Stanley Beijing personnel

The “Work&Life” flexible benefits platform officially started its sale of the 2013 year of the snake “blessed word paintings” gifts

Organized the 2012 “More than a decade pursuit of excellence” seminar

The HR Club organized an activity themed “The benefits diversification trend determines the enterprise’s benefit system”

Participated in the “Italian Career Day” activities organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Tongji University

The party committee organized “18 great minds conduct study lectures”, large party lesson activities and invited assistant minister Xujiashi of the Propaganda Department of the Huangpu district to come and teach

The labor union successfully convened the first general meeting to elect a new labor union committee member and chairman


Opened the visa center for people in Shanghai to apply for visa to France and Germany

The official network of Chongqing officially went online

Opened an official WeChat platform so “Webpage, Weibo and WeChat” will symbolize the holy trinity in the preliminary phase to completing a communication platform

Started to provide labor dispatch services for Cisco Systems, Inc., Henkel (China) co., Ltd and GlaxoSmithKline (China) co., Ltd

Started to provide internship outsourcing services for Baidu Online Network Technology co., Ltd and Sinochem InternationalCorporation

Started to provide special job outsourcing services for Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, Ferno Washington Inc., Permal Investment co., Ltd, Biospace Medical Equipment co., Ltd and Yuanliu International Trading co., Ltd

Started to provide background survey services for General Electric Shenhua Gasification Technology co., Ltd

Started to provide management consultancy services (MCC) for Shanghai Uk Inchcape Shipping Services co., Ltd

Again collaborated with the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics to organize the FESCO Adecco “Better work, better life!” 2013 campus graduates job fair. To aid enterprises absorb more outstanding talent graduates and help students find a suitable development platform. Afterwards survey showed that 97% of the participating clients hope there will be another fair in the future.

Attended the 3rd MBA special recruitment fair of the Shanghai International Studies University where 150 well-known national and international enterprises were present and 450 job searchers

FESCO Adecco 2012 campus tour entered the Fudan University and Jiaotong University to search for new talents for enterprises and pour fresh blood in the management training
Organized a “Win4Youth 2012 Century Park 5 km run”, had a total of 321 staff and family member attendees and raised $2,568 for the foundation

The HR Club organized an activity themed “Beat the battle pressure: Communication and emotion management” to help HR when new enterprise operation and management issues arise, how to effectively communicate between staff of every level in time to settle any problem.

Conducted a seminar about “professional health and medical treatment management: To share the latest deciphered regulations and experiences”. The lecturer and scene actively and enthusiastically communicated the main relevant policies and regulations points for enterprises and the actual difficulties and important issues enterprise management will face.

Ms. Joyce Bijl of the International Department represented the company at a special topic in the Israel Chamber of Commerce about HR and conducted a lecture themed “HR Recruitment and Staffing”

The 2012 FESCO Adecco basketball league came to an end. A total of 16 client companies participated. IBM, Decathlon and IBM-GDC finished respectively 1st, 2nd and 3rd


Our call center went online, with the purpose of being able to serve our clients with even more specialized quality

Started to provide a foreign personnel solutions program for Otsuka Maryland Medicinal Laboratories Inc.

Started to provide flexible benefits services to Novartis Biomedical Research (China) co., Ltd and Simcere / MSD (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical co., Ltd, Morgan Stanley (China) co., Ltd and Tetra Pak co

Started to take care of the annual large scale meeting of the Shanghai representative office of the Korean Chamber of Commerce

Extended the lobby usher project contract with ICBC

Held the FESCO Adecco “Better work, better life!” 2013 campus graduate recruitment fair together with Shanghai Normal University. This attracted many Chinese and foreign enterprises all at once, recruiting outstanding graduate talents

Organized a “Win4Youth 2012 Century Park 5 km run”, had a total of 88 staff and family member attendees and raised $440 for the foundation

China’s star, Wu Qi, representing FESCO Adecco, participated in the world triathlon in Barcelona and with strong determination smoothly completed the race

The FESCO Adecco 2012 basketball league was launched, involving Volvo, Schneider, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Braun, Unilever, TD Tech, Siemens, Decathlon, Sap, Delphi, DBS Bank, L’Oreal


We now service a total of 2,562 clients and 141,014 employees

The new recruitment system began its trial operations

Began providing special job outsourcing services for STEVANATO GROUP S.P.A, Lohmann Animal Health GmbH, Capgemini Consulting (China) co., Ltd and the Four Seasons Hotel

Began providing recruitment services for UBIQUE system UK Ltd, India Hazel Mercantile Ltd and Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd. Chengdu branch

Began providing reliable HR services to DSM (China) co., Ltd and Guotai Asset Management co., Ltd

Began providing financial outsourcing services for SigmaTEK Software Systems (Shanghai) co., ltd

Began providing management consulting services (MCC) for Ismartv co., Ltd

Launched the “OPUS-Shanghai shipyard expatriate consultancy project” to offer clients a foreign personnel solutions program

Started to provide flexible benefits services for Philips (China) co., Ltd, Grainger (China) Inc., Tommy Hilfiger and Sabaf Appliance Components (Kunshan) co., Ltd

Carried out the outsourced front desk satisfactory survey, with an average of 92.9 points it shows that our clients are very satisfied

We organized the Win4Youth Pamir hike. A delegation of management and staff conquered the tough terrain and overcame physical boundaries when walking for 2 days to complete the 2,000 kilometer and raised $2,000 for the foundation

We went to the Subashi primary school in Kizilsu Kirghiz, Xinjiang to express sympathy and donate 42,486.40 Yuan and sports articles worth of 15,420 Yuan

Held a seminar to share the HR related law changes in China. The activities have reached their end. We increased law awareness for 400 clients, promoted harmonious labor relationships and settled practical issues within HR management”

The labor union organized football matches, yoga exercises and table tennis matches which attracted more than a hundred participants

We organized this year’s 2nd voluntary blood donation activity. Staff enthusiastically participated, embodying the spirit of solidarity and brotherhood of humanity


We now service a total of 2,548 clients and 140,625 employees

Chen Yong’s party of Jiangsu, Nanjing, Baxia district visited FESCO Adecco

Started to provide job outsourcing services for Samsung Electronic Communications (Shanghai) co., Ltd, Berners Consulting GmbH co., Ltd, Courtland Partners Ltd and Aetna (Shanghai) Enterprise Services Ltd

Started to provide recruitment and job outsourcing services for Bemis Hong Kong Ltd

Started to provide management consulting services (MCC) for Changzhou Huake Resin co., Ltd and Imelite International Education Consulting (Beijing) co., Ltd

Started to provide HR services for HTC co., LTd, Toshiba Elevators co., Ltd, Bechtel Engineering (China) co., Ltd, Simcere / MSD (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical co., Ltd

Started to provide flexible benefits services for ON Semiconductor co.

The flexible benefits platform launched “Love Mid-Autumn Festival” gift certificates

Organized a “Win4Youth 2012 Century Park 5 km run”, had a total of 141 staff and family member attendees and raised $705 for the foundation

The HR Club organized an activity themed “Policies and regulations special topic: Know the amount of social security audits”

Participated in the American Chamber of Commerce 2012 HR exhibition and seminar, to discuss with specialized HR personnel on how to solve HR related issues enterprises in China are facing.

Participated in this year’s job fair of respectively the Huangpu districht, Yangpu district and Pudong district to offer employment opportunities to students from various universities.

The Party Committee organized a to collectively watch the movie “Loyalty and Betrayal” to view its vivid and profound lectures

The labor union conducted make-up courses, to teach staff the skill of making up, to enhance the image of the company


We now service a total of 2,515 clients and 138,442 employees

Officially established the FESCO Adecco ZhangJiang project department.

The Red Carpet employee platform went online for a test run, giving the clients’ personnel an even faster and more convenient experience of the tasks

The 2012 fortune 500 lists Adecco Group with a revenue of $285.7 billion at the 387th place. A slight improvement from the 2011 list

Adecco extends his contract with IOC ACP project and continues to assist retired athletes develop their career

Started to provide recruitment services for STEVANATO GROUP, FedEx (China) co., Ltd and Michelin (China) Investment co., Ltd

Started to provide foreign personnel service for OPUS co., Ltd, GJSW-8 and Givaudan Management Consulting (Shanghai) co., Ltd,

Started to provide background survey services for the ICBC (Shanghai branch) co., Ltd

Started to provide welfare outsourcing services for Novartis Biomedical Research (China) co., Ltd

Officially arried out the dispatched staff (front desk, secretary) half year satisfactory survey

The HR Club organized 2 activities themed “flexible benefits survey data analysis” and “Policy regulations: work injury insurance regulations”

Collaborated with ArtyBright to organize an art exhibition and reception for modern Western style painter Tao Dongdong

Organized “a drop of blood, a slice of heart and a piece of love” activity to promote voluntary blood donations among employees and encourage social responsibility

Our training institute collaborated with HROA to conduct the “HROA Buyers Group Meeting”

Launched a 4 day H.I.T. recruitment training for the recruitment and sales team

Official launch of the English training project with the purpose of internally upgrading employees’ English level

The Singles Club organized many labor unions activities such as yoga exercises, football and billiard matches and “summer predestined coincidental love encounters”

The party committee held a meeting to commemorate the 91st birthday of the Communist Party of China and to honor its 33 excellent founders and the 152 party committee members


FESCO (FESCO Adecco HQ) and the Communist Youth League in Beijing signed a strategic cooperation agreement called “Youth employment and entrepreneurship training base” to spread a nationwide youth employment and entrepreneurship platform. FESCO Adecco would like to achieve better internship opportunities, better vocational training and well-known enterprise job opportunities for students in Eastern China via the smooth development of this project

The X-pert talent evaluation system went online to provide clients with the best suitable employees through a more accurate and effective recruitment procedure

Started to provide recruitment services for Nike Sports (China) co., Ltd, Samsung Engineering & Construction (Shanghai) co., Ltd, Ericsson Communications (Hebei) co., Ltd and Weichai Power (Beijing) International Resource Investment co., Ltd

Started to provide personnel outsourcing services for Bupa Inc and Laird Electronic Materials (Shanghai) co., Ltd

Expanded the personnel outsourcing business range of WWRD United Kingdom Limited and increased supplementary medical service

Provide supplementary medical care and staff welfare services for Unilever co., Ltd

Began providing remuneration survey for HTS Shanghai Trading co., Ltd

Started to provide background investigation services for Renault co., Ltd

“The international headhunting development summit report and middle/high end talent introduction exchange fair” was held in Beijing. CEO Mr. Ni Ying conducted a speech as honored guest named “Overseas high-end talent: Welcome talents from all over the world”

The HR Club organized an activity themed “Interview behavior rules”

Organized 4 times a “Win4Youth 2012 Century Park 5 km run”, had a total of 367 staff and family member attendees and raised $1,890 for the foundation

Organized “personnel love charity” activities, sold a total of 294 articles to raise 30.194 Yuan. This sum will be donated to the poor primary school in Xinjiang to aid them in improving the study environment and complete schoolwork

The Badminton Mixed Team Competition came to an end. It attracted a total of 16 clients including Schneider, Delphi, SAP, Unilever, Volvo, Akzo Nobel, Shell, Spreadtrum Communications, Procter & Gamble, Braun, Samsung, Decathlon and IBM

Organized many labor union club activities e.g. board games, yoga exercises and billiard games, but also a special activity themed “DIY vegetable wraps” to give as present for Father’s Day

Organized the 2012 party secretary training class, 64 secretary secretaries from different client s’ companies attended this training

Officially established the labor union of the HR outsourcing service department and sent Dragon Boat welfare products to subordinate labor unions of Geely co., Ltd and Braun co., Ltd

The training institution launched a series of Dutch culture and language lessons


Officially launched the school-enterprise cooperation and training project

The Bank of Communications recruitment project is smoothly carried out

Started to provide foreign personnel management services for Peugeot Citroen (China) Automobile co., Ltd

The e-commerce platform sells FESCO Adecco fitness vouchers for nearly 40 fitness institutions in Shanghai every day

The flexible benefits platform hands out nationwide physical examination cards, giving employees a 60% discount in more than 20 cities.

Launched the flexible benefits service for the Children’s Day and the Dragon Boat Festival

Started to provide outsourcing services for ACIST Medical Systems co., Ltd and Siefried Hong Kong co., Ltd

Cooperated with the Shanghai Normal University to organize the FESCO Adecco “better work, better life” 2012 student internship and job fair

The HR club organized an activity themed “Policy analysis and practical operation: Residence permit transfer and job qualifications”

The first “Win4Youth2012 Century Park 5 km run” was cancelled due to heavy rain, but 13 clients, employees and family members still were brave enough to face the rain and finish the run, donating $65 to the foundation

Helped clients to organize the “Win4Youth 2012 Charity Ride”, 13 people attended, donating a total of $312

Organized many labor union club activities, e.g. photography course, yoga exercises and billiards games

The labor union team participated in the Huangpu district, Xiaodongmen community first white collar table tennis competition and won the men’s single first prize

FESCO Adecco’s labor union assisted with the first labor union committee member election meeting of Alstom Grid Technical Center co., Ltd


We now service a total of 2,387 clients and 137,348 employees

Released Jinqiao and Minhang Industrial Zone labor workers salary investigation report

Won “first resource” prize being chosen as “Best Brand Integration”

Provide Coopertires co., Ltd with legal advisory service

Provide recruitment services for AIA Group, COACH, German Commercial Bank (Shanghai branch)

Started to provide flexible services for Tetra (China) and Kongsberg Maritime

Started to provide HR services for Huayi Brothers Media Corporation Ltd

International Women’s Day welfare products are received by the clients and accompanied with written praise

Set up a Daikin project team to offer many kinds of servicing for the client, such as job outsourcing, recruitment etc.

Conducted a seminar themed ”Louder than Words:10 Practical Employee Engagement Steps” and invited Amazon famous best seller author Bob Kelleher to share his experience. Adecco Group Global Practice Leader Michael Beygelman also attended to give a lecture about “Innovations in Multimedia and Mobile Recruitment to Reach New Talent Markets”

Attended “2nd SISU MBA Job Fair” for Shanghai’s foreign college students to help them seek employment

Attended the “2nd Italian Career Day” organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Tongji University

Organized an activity for the foreign personnel to participate in the “2012 New Balance Cup 8 kilometer run”

Held activities for many labor union clubs, including “Suzhou Xishan photography, the search for beauty” and yoga exercises

Organized the FESCO Adecco mixed table tennis completion, Schneider, Delphi and Novartis Pharmaceuticals winners were awarded

Attended the Switzerland, Lausanne International School of Management IMD Shanghai Alumni Association activities and the lecture presented by International Department of Trade director Annie Lim about “Strategies for managing the attention of corporate headquarters and how Chinese subsidiaries gain attention from HQ”


We now service a total of 2,335 clients and 134,820 employees

Started to provide recruitment services for Aleris International co., Ltd, Bosch Trade co., Ltd, Juniper Networks co., Ltd, SVP Capital Advisors co., Ltd, CapitaLand co., Ltd, Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH co., Ltd and Memphis Electronics co., Ltd

Started to assist Baidu co., Ltd, Zaha Hadid Architect co., Ltd and SAFDIE Architects LLC, with foreign personnel management services.

Started with remuneration management service for REO Shanghai Inductive Components co., Ltd

Started to provide all kinds of services for WKI AUTOMOTIVE SL co., Ltd such as registered representative office, dispatch, recruitment, foreign personnel management etc.

Provided the MCC evaluation service for Henan information and digital certificates co., Ltd

Provided personnel outsourcing services for Givaudan management consulting

Started to provide China Opal co., Ltd with flexible welfare services

In the Tetra annual meeting is decided that custom made gifts will now also be offered on the welfare platform

The HR club organized an activity themed “Efficient recruitment and interview skills”

Conducted a summit meeting with ERC to jointly organize an activity themed “GLOBAL WORKFACE SUMMIT: TALENT MOBILITY IN APAC”

Held a presentation about non-Shanghai students settling in Shanghai in 2012

Organized an activity for wise women in finance departments

Convened the Party Committee’s enlarged meeting and discussed about every aspect of the 2012 party committee’s work plan

Organized various labor union club activities e.g. friendly basketball match, finance lectures, English afternoon tea and yoga exercises.

Attended a seminar conducted by the Benelux Chamber of Commerce about “How to attract talent in a small company?”


Certificated by ISO9001:2008 for 2011

We were honored with the title of “Shanghai Famous Brand”

Started to provide HR services for Agoda travel agency (Beijing) co., Ltd.

Started to assist with dispatched personnel and outsourcing services for Guangzhou Procter & Gamble Ltd, Braun co., Ltd and Geely co., Ltd

Started to provide HR outsourcing services for AT&T (China)

Started with welfare products outsourcing services for international women’s day for clients as Unicharm co., Ltd, Decathlon co., Ltd, Citroen co., Ltd, Radiometer co., Ltd and Sina co., Ltd

Started American consultant personnel support for Corning co., Ltd

Launched the Baidu project: support and project coordination for Baidu in multiple countries

Reported the 2012 social insurance quota for starting personnel

The flexible benefits satisfaction survey shows a 94% satisfactory level of personnel regarding the products of the flexible welfare platform and a 99% satisfactory level regarding the customer service of the flexible welfare products platform.

The flexible benefits platform in collaboration with Ctrip offered “let me travel” coupons via the official “Work&Life” platform

The HR Club conducted the “Enterprise’s 2011 annual end of the year research policy analysis”

The HR Club conducted a series of special topics concerning recruitment called “Evaluating the inner quality” and “University and college recruitment and interview skills”

The singles club organized a “Love for delicious food” party for client personnel

Held the FESCO Adecco annual work meeting “Growing beyond our limits” 2012


Obtained the “2010-2011 reliable Human Resource service” title from Shanghai talent service industry association.

Were honored as “2011 meritorious contest and excellent organization” winner by the labor union of Huangpu district, East Nanjing road, shequ road.

Party Committee is awarded for its “Characteristic basic party organization” by the Huangpu district, social affairs party committee.

Started providing HR services for DBS Bank.

Started providing internal non-outsourcing HR services for Euro Centra Company Ltd and SAFDIE Architects LLC

Started providing foreign personnel outsourcing for Givaudan co., Ltd

Started document support service for Prap China co., Ltd

Flexible benefits platform “work & life” now features Lantern Festival products

Held a presentation about the 2012 annual social insurance adjustments

Carried out the voluntary blood donation activity for the second time

ICBC organized their annual meeting to express thanks to their excellent staff of outsourced personnel.

Organized the 2012 party committee Spring gathering. Huangpu district social insurance party committee leaders and 85 other personnel from different branches attended the gathering.


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