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FESCO Adecco is established by merger on 3rd of December.

FESCO Adecco holds news release and establishment ceremony & yearly acknowledgement conference for clients on 3rd of December.

400 service hotline number of Customer Service Department is set in 4 digits from original 3 digits in adaption with the development demands of company’s business.

HR Outsourcing Branch Company of FESCO Adecco is granted honor certificate and acknowledgement letter by Coca-Cola for its World Expo projects in December.

Recruitment of management trainees is officially started by FESCO Adecco in December.

In December, Marketing Department of FESCO Adecco organized FESCO Adecco “High-End Seminar in Japan” for Strategic Partners, with over 20 important clients invited.

FESCO Adecco completes year-end satisfaction investigation in December with an average score of 90.80.

The First Employment Fairs of Korean Talents in China, co-sponsored by representatives of FESCO Adecco and HRDK Public Team from Ministry of Employment and Labor of Korea, is attended by nearly 80 enterprises. The fairs bring sound recruitment results and unanimous praise from candidates and enterprises.

Referral work conference of Party committee and league committee of FESCO Adecco is held at Nanjing East Road on 24 December. And the Party organization and mass relationship is transferred for administration to Social Work Committee under Huangpu District Party Committee and Social Work Committee under Huangpu District League Committee.

On 25 December, FESCO Adecco holds Christmas parent and children activity in magic bean merry park with 17 families attending. Children and their parents cook ginger cookies and enjoy self-made food.


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