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Started recruitment and RPO services for Tyco co., Ltd and Aleris co., Ltd.

Provided dispatch services for Sony (china) co., Ltd Shanghai branch

Started with providing flexible benefits services for Jones Lang LaSalle co., Ltd

Started providing foreign comprehensive personnel solutions for N-Trig co., Ltd and Voss water co., Ltd

Started providing foreign personnel document services for Dell co., Ltd

The annual meeting of the flexible benefits platform launched gift cards to promote hot sales. They offer 8 categories of benefit packages, each package includes 10 kinds of products to allow employees the flexibility to choose.

2011 FESCO Adecco HR set up a “new vision to see the future” – forum

Attended the 7th HR conference of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

Organizational customers went to South-Korea to attend “FESCO Adecco strategy” seminar

Attended the “2011 ASIA HR SUMMIT and annual award carnival”. We were honored with two big prizes: “Best Asian Talent Dispatch Service” and “Best Asian Remuneration Service”

Assisted HULT Business School explain foreigners working in China related information

Organized the 2011 FESCO Adecco friendly badminton competition

Convened a large scale lecture about “ The focus point of society transformation”, spoken by Oriental platform lecturer, professor Du Yanmin from the Huangpu District.

Successfully concluded the FESCO Adecco basketball league. IBM / Decathlon was crowned champion and FESCO Adecco runner-up

Organized the second FESCO Adecco chess tournament


Provided intern outsourcing for CHC Expo call center department

Started to provide outsourcing services for Ivory Capital Asia and nearly 20 offices of Daikin co., Ltd across the county

Began to provide recruitment services for Nuco International Ltd

Joined in the Seminar for Enterprise in Shandong, and shared HR management experiences with over 4000 companies

Signed a collaboration contract between Corning China and Adecco America to offer full range service to dispatched foreign personnel arriving in China.

Organized FESCO Adecco “ better work, better life” 2012 campus graduate recruitment meeting

Conducted a seminar on “How HR SSC should service enterprises”

HR Club gave a lecture on legislation analysis: expatriates insurance issues

The 2011 FESCO Adecco Basketball league kicked off

Labor unions organize yoga activities

The Party Committee organized the 2011 branch secretary inspection training activity


Mr. Ni Ying, general manager of FESCO Adecco, was elected as the new CPPCC committee member of the Huangpu District

Started to provide management consulting services for Beijing Pharmaceutical Technology Development co., Ltd

Launched the project for employees’ annual health check-up. Reaching almost 30 cities across the country and a total of more than 70 health check centers

Began to provide recruitment services for IKEA, Apple and UOB

Started with satisfactory survey services for GSK personnel

Started with job outsourcing services for ATOS Origin, Hong Kong Cyberport Management co., Ltd and iKang

Participated in the Global Job Fair organized by the Human Resource Development Service of Korea in Seoul

Launched a special sales activity to promote Vichy products on the E-commerce platform “Work&Life”

The HR Club organized an activity themed “to match job qualifications with qualified personnel”

Conducted the Chongming Island win4youth riding activity, nearly 300 people participated, covering a distance of 8100 km


Started with outsourcing services for Shiseido (China), Ricoh (China) investment co., Ltd

Started a full range of foreign personnel documents and outsourcing services for DBS Banks

Set up a cooperation with EMLYON Business School to develop research and development projects

Provided benefits outsourcing services for Tesco

Began providing management consulting services for Shanghai Hitachi Elevator Marketing ltd

Conducted a successful job fair for the Philips subsidiary office in Chengdu

The HR Club conducted an activity themed: “How the company should answer a special social insurance audit”

The HR Club conducted a “How to construct a financial industry specific qualifications model” activity

The HR Club organized a course themed: “Innovation driven growth: experience Innovation at heart”

Organized the “Create compassion with blood” activity to raise blood donations


Provide HR service for Samsung Electronics (Shanghai) co., Ltd, General Electric co. research and investment center, Pfizer Investment co., Ltd,  Kodak (China) Investment co., Ltd and Imax.

Provide recruitment service for Xiamen International

Signed an agreement with Haier Qingdao to provide outsourcing for long term sales promoters

Provide foreign personnel outsourcing service for CITRIX.

Signed a staffing service outsourcing agreement with Zhonghai Fund Management Co., Ltd and Samsung Electronics (Shanghai) co., Ltd.

Provide GSK with all sort of outsourcing services

Provide flexible benefit services for Novartis and Imax

Organized the famous “FESCO Adecco job and recruitment fair”

Conducted special performance recruitment for Philips in Nanjing

Organized a Chinese job market, planning and management event for foreign students of IES Global to share experiences.

Conducted an opportunity to share successful employment plans For Korean students of the Human Resource Development Service of Korea

The HR Club organized an activity to test and evaluate their personnel

H.I.T. High effeciency and recruitment training officially started

The parent-and-child club holds a parent and child financial management lecture


The benefits outsourcing division is formally established as “enterprise project research” group. According to customer demand we started with offering services as retirement investigation, background investigation, work dedication research etc.

The “Passion for basketball” club and badminton club are selected as the 2011 outstanding  “one plan one product” club by the Shanghai municipality, Huangpu district labor union.

Started to provide human resource related services for Epicenter, clothing (member of Baoxiniao group), IBM, the Yuyuan Fashion Shop, the Sinotrans containerlines co., LTD, Nissan, Oshkosh, Fairchild, Thomson Reuters, BUPA International, Airgate-services, EBO Group inc, EGR, Tele Pizza, ACEROS LAMINIDOS, Apprecia

Presentation for the management and technical staff of Delphi Guangzhou about benefit insurance.

Grand opening of the Mid-Autumn Festival with “Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival” coupons. With a careful selection of dozens of high quality gifts we offered 3 packages for the clients to choose from in order to help them prepare for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

FESCO Adecco’s party committee resided in the conference center of the New World hotel to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party and to hold the general meeting.

Conducted the “2011 national FESCO law explanation tour”

Conducted a theme activity for “How to construct a company talent pool” of the HR club

Organized “Healthy gas station”, a serie of discussions with mental relaxation lectures.

2011 Li Ning •FESCO Adecco’s mixed badminton team successfully competed

Management visited Qinghai to expand and also cycled at 3350m above sea level. In total Adecco Group now cycled 5492.5km for the win4youth foundation. The management also visited the youth.

Went to Haihu Primary School to make donations


The Committee of Returned Overseas Chinese Association was set up in FESCO Adecco. This is the first returned overseas Chinese committee in Shanghai’s JV companies.

KAO, EF, Mitsubishi, CB Richard Ellis became our clients.

HR Club – Explanation of "Employment Injury Insurance Regulations".

HR Club – Trade Union and collective bargaining in China.


Total associates broke 120 thousand.

LV, Commerzbank of German, Lenovo, Focus Media, Evapco, became our clients.

Build up long term relationship with Volvo on the foreigner internship program.

HR Club – LHH Leadership experience class.

FESCO Adecco Win4Youth 2011 First Round – Riding on the Chongming Island.

2011 Series Lecture – Appreciation and Collection of Ancient Porcelain.

"Management Trainee Project"launched.

Lecture to help Korean foreign student to find job in China.

'Managing Talent in an Age of Uncertainty - China 2020' was successfully held in Pudong Shangri-la, Shanghai.


Company moved to the Jiu Shi Building, near the Bund.

Tyco, BMW and Volkswagen became our clients.

Expanded the Chinese exit visa service.

Freshman Training for Deutsche Bank.

The lobby service manager assistants project for ICBC launched.

The student interns for Weltausstellung f.der Gartenbaukunst, Xi’an on board.

Provided over 20 gifts for the clients who bought “the Welfare for Only Child” through the e-commerce platform to fulfill the Children’s demands from multiple age groups and family types.

New product, “Flexible Employee’s Welfare Management”, launched.

HR Club – the influence of "Social Insurance Law" on Company recruitment and HR cost.

HR Club - H-EAP and emotional alleviating.

New Policy Seminar 2011.

“FESCO Adecco Table Tennis Grand Prix 2011”dropped the curtain,Delphi、Schneider、 Akzo Nobel N. V. respectively won the first, second, and third honor.


Total number of service staff has broken through 110,000 by the end of February.

Party Committee organizes over 700 party members in branches to visit World Expo China Pavilion.

We establish customer service project team for VOLVO and Siemens.

Business supporting Department is officially established.

We begin to provide staffing services for East Asian Bank, Baoxiniao Group Co., Ltd, TYCO and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Critical illness insurance program and H-EAP are developed.

Commence to provide flexible welfare service for WPCARY

The company continues to provide global staffing services for Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and renders it comprehensive staffing supports in Mainland China, Hong Kong and UK.

Shanghai Municipality Education Commission issued Notice of Preparation for Employment in Shanghai of This Year’s Graduate Students from Regular Higher Schools That Are Not Matriculates of Shanghai, according to which, it is cancelled in the line of Household Condition for Application that “they shall generally be graduated postgraduates or this year’s graduates from regular higher schools in Shanghai, regular higher schools sponsored by ministries (commissions, offices, bureaus) of the State Council or local regular higher schools on the list of “211 Projects”. Shanghai Municipality Education Commission says that it means any graduate students of regular higher schools that are not matriculates of Shanghai can apply for household registration in Shanghai this year.

HR Club activity is held with the theme “Six steps for time management”.

Party for single staff is held with clients Schneider, IBM and TESCO.


Mr. Zhu Qingyang, general secretary of Talent Association, inspects FESCO Adecco and makes discussion with management of FESCO Adecco on three topics of investigation by Shanghai Municipal Human Resource and Social Security Bureau, development strategy of FESCO Adecco in 2011 and price competition in dispatch industry.

The company is invited to attend the Human Resource Dispatch Panel Discussion sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Human Resource and Social Security Bureau.

Collection work of social security data in 2011 is successfully completed.

Financial Outsourcing Branch Company officially starts services of payroll calculation, payment of payroll and tax services for Daikin China.

Team buying for Gift on March 8th, sponsored by E-commerce Department is quite popularized, with receipt of team buying order from large clients like Unicharm, Citroen, IBM and Decathlon.

Shanghai Municipal Human Resource and Social Security Bureau releases a notice concerning settlement advise after implementation of the new Regulations on Industrial Injury Insurance and inform settlement opinion related to matters in the implementation of new Regulations on Industrial Injury Insurance in Shanghai on and after January 1, 2011.

Deposit interest rate of individual housing reserve fund in Shanghai rises by 0.04 percent from 0.36% to 0.40% for housing reserve vested in this year, or by 0.35 percent from 2.25% to 2.60% for housing reserve carried forward from prior year, by 0.20 percent from 4.30% to 4.50% for reserve with a term exceeding five year, or by 0.25 percent from 3.75% to 4.00% for reserve with a term less than five years (included).

HR Club Spring Tea Party is held in Jiu Shi Building at which Taihe Consulting shares with and analyzes for 51 HR management staff attending the party the investigation and research data of year-end enterprise bonuses in 2010.

Club activity of a new year is started by Badminton Club.

Fashion Board Game is held with co-sponsor of League Work Committee of Nanjing East Road Community.


Global meeting of Adecco is held in Spain and attended by joint ventures.

Win for youth 2011 is started.

FESCO Adecco is awarded the General Manager Special Prize by FESCO HQ.

The company wins the prize of 2010 Top 50 Enterprises of Outstanding Contribution of Tax by the Government of Huangpu District and is ranked the 37th, an increase by 10 over last year.

The company obtains agency qualification for visa application from Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration.

Investigation report of client satisfaction in 2010 is released with collection of 460 effective questionnaires for satisfaction survey. It shows satisfaction is averaged 90.8 points.

Staffing services are started for Beijing Sina Internet Information Service Co., Ltd, China-German Allinanz Life Insurance Co.,Ltd , Coopertires China, Applied Materials and other clients.

The First Billiards Game of 2011 is held by Trade Union.

“Aiming for New Peaks”——2011 FESCO Adecco Work Yearly Conference is held with success in Tongli Lakeview Hotel in Wujiang Jiangsu.


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