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Who we are?

FESCO Adecco is a joint-venture human resources services company combining the strengths of FESCO (the first Chinese company in the human resources industry) and the Adecco Group (a world’s leading talent advisory and solutions company) at the end of 2010 in Shanghai. FESCO Adecco provides total human resources services including Professional Staffing Solutions, General Staffing Solutions, Global Employee Outsourcing, Payroll & HR Services, Permanent Placement and Employee Welfare on a daily basis for more than 2,100,000 associates and more than 23,000 clients across China. FESCO Adecco is based in Shanghai with regional branches in Chongqing, Zhejiang, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Shaanxi, Hunan and Anhui. FESCO Adecco commits itself to be the most admired workforce solutions partner, thanks to talent and technology.

In 1978, The reform and opening-up policy was officially put into effect after the Third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee. In 1988, FESCO piloted the reform of personnel archive management by dispatching employees to foreign-funded organizations, and from then on became a new channel for the Chinese to work in foreign enterprises. In 1996, FESCO started to provide national HR services for clients and was the first to provide national integrated HR services. In 2020, FESCO Adecco was co-founded in Shanghai with Adecco, a global leader in HR services. In 2018, FESCO launched intelligent, collaborative, mobile HELO products that allow users access to all sorts of HR services with a single click on the mobile phone.

The Adecco Group is the world’s leading talent advisory and solutions company, driven by a powerful purpose – making the future work for everyone, with more than 38,000 full time employees. Across 60 countries and territories around the world, The Adecco Group helps businesses optimise their talent and transforms their workforces, and builds the employability of people, enables more than 3.5 million careers annually. While The Adecco Group’advocacy and firm commitment to operating responsibly aims to build a better world of work for all.

What we do?

Offshore Solutions

Are you an employer outside China and would like to start your business in China? Do you want to study the China market before setting up any official business plan?

  • Consulting
  • Market Practice
  • Labor Practice
  • Labor Force Solutions
  • Legal Environment
  • Start up Support
  • Registration
  • Office Leasing
  • Account
  • Establishment
  • After Establishment
  • Payroll Solutions
  • Foreigner Solutions
  • Work Force
  • Solutions
  • Recruitment
  • Staffing
  • Outsourcing

Staffing & Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing - The comprehensive and professional outsourcing services can help clients to outsource the non-core positions or the business processes. These outsourcing services simplify the employment process, reduce the employee management cost through professional personnel management and standard operation process. They also lower the personnel risks and improve the corporate management efficiency through advanced IT technology and system support. FESCO Adecco provides professional services to free clients from the tedious daily processes, thus allowing more time to focus on the core of their businesses.

Payroll & Dispatch

We offer comprehensive one-stop HR Solutions to clients, in aim to assist client focus more on their core business. We assist client with payroll solutions, mandatory social benefit management, income tax management, onboard process and documentation management, etc. With our simplified process and solutions from employees onboard to off board, client can reduce their HR management cost and can significantly improve their efficiency.

Benefit & Welfare

Assist client make an in-depth analysis of employee demands and structure a two-fold solution detailing employee welfare, health benefits and flexible benefits. Provide a customized package that comprehensively meets the specific needs of the client’s staff, which will cut cost and enhance employee satisfaction.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

  • Win4Youth

    In 2011, we joined“Win4Youth”program. The program is a global sports initiative organized by the Adecco Group. Through the Win4Youth program, we unite our employees, associates and clients as they clock up hours for our global charity partner, Plan International, to improve the lives, education and employment prospects of young people around the world. By taking part in Win4Youth, our people improve their health and well-being and reinforce our core values.

  • CEO for One Month

    In 2015, we joined “CEO for One Month” program. The program began as a local initiative in Norway in 2011, since then growing into a flagship initiative for the Adecco Group Foundation, which leverages the skills and know-how of the Adecco Group. It offers young people the possibility to develop and showcase their leadership potential, to learn what it takes to succeed as a business leader and to acquire the skills and the experience needed to get a foot on the career ladder. Under the recommendation of worldwide branches of the Adecco Group, the candidates will compete with other outstanding young people around the world. Global winner will work alongside CEO of the Adecco Group for one month. In China, winner will shadow FESCO Adecco General Manager, working side-by-side to experience the life of a senior business leader.

  • International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee Athletes Career Development Program

    As an official partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Adecco Group has supported more than 45,000 athletes worldwide. In 2011, collaborate with the “Champion Foundation” to provide a series of support for Chinese retired or active athletes including career development training, internship employment counseling and internship opportunities. In 2019, work with the IOC and support athletes in achieving life-long success in education, life skills, and employment through to Athlete 365 / Career+ .

Our Clients