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Offshore Solutions

Are you an employer outside China and would like to start your business in China? Do you want to study the China market before setting up any official business plan?

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Staffing & Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing - The comprehensive and professional outsourcing services can help clients to outsource the non-core positions or the business processes. These outsourcing services simplify the employment process, reduce the employee management cost through professional personnel management and standard operation process. They also lower the personnel risks and improve the corporate management efficiency through advanced IT technology and system support. FESCO Adecco provides professional services to free clients from the tedious daily processes, thus allowing more time to focus on the core of their businesses.

Payroll & Dispatch

We offer comprehensive one-stop HR Solutions to clients, in aim to assist client focus more on their core business. We assist client with payroll solutions, mandatory social benefit management, income tax management, onboard process and documentation management, etc. With our simplified process and solutions from employees onboard to off board, client can reduce their HR management cost and can significantly improve their efficiency.

Benefit & Welfare

Assist client make an in-depth analysis of employee demands and structure a two-fold solution detailing employee welfare, health benefits and flexible benefits. Provide a customized package that comprehensively meets the specific needs of the client’s staff, which will cut cost and enhance employee satisfaction.

  • Permanent Placement

    We have a deep understanding of the demands for talent in different industries over various business models. This allows us insight into the talents’ possibilities in their different career stages. With the support of our comprehensive recruitment system and large candidate pool, we provide global search services that professionally target talent according to the client’s corporate culture, business features, organizational structure and recruitment needs. By incorporating a wide range of recruitment channels under one roof, our recruitment / RPO services can strategically reduce the clients’ cost on recruiting and communication, thus improving efficiency whilst eliminating internal personnel work pressure. Those services include recruitment needs analysis, designing recruitment positions, post recruiting information, searching recruitment channels, screening CV, participating in recruitment process, talent assessment, reference check and analysis report etc.

  • Extensive Solutions

    FESCO Adecco provides extensive support to clients with our thorough understanding towards the laws and regulations together with the local practices. Our professional legal team may bring the knowledge and best practice to our clients. Meanwhile, to release client from extra efforts regarding some specific tasks, our business center may provide a series support from registration to visa application assistance.

  • Financial Outsourcing

    The present-day concept of financial outsourcing has evolved significantly from the traditional concept of book-keeping. Benefiting from a comprehensive and advanced platform coupled with the support of our knowledgeable and dedicated staff, our clients can choose to outsource their financial accounting obligations to us. Irrespective of the size of your enterprise, FESCO Adecco can meet all your payroll and workforce management requirements.

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