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May, 2018

The "2018 Staff Welfare Solutions Summit" was held at the Shanghai Peninsula Hotel. Leaders from the Adecco Group and FESCO Adecco, more than 200 representatives of clients, partners and Medias attended the summit, and discussed industrial innovation upgrades and interconnections, FAFULI once again made every effort to present an employee welfare feast encompassing most advanced concept, technology and products.

FESCO Adecco Xi'an talent hub opening ceremony was held in Xi’an. This has marked another milestone in the Adecco Group’s development in China and will help to build a talent economy that will drive opportunity for Xi’an and all in China.

2018 HRoot China Human Resource Service Expo was held at Sheraton Shenzhen. Nearly 5,000 HRDs, HRMs, senior management attended. FESCO Adecco was invited to participate in and Ma Li, GM of FESCO Adecco Shenzhen, Mei Jianlin, GM of FESCO Adecco Financial Outsourcing Branch attended, and shared the comprehensive human resources solutions with the participants.

2018 HRoot China Human Capital Forum was held at the China Hotel in Beijing. More than 1,500 HRDs, HRMs, senior management gathered at the summit. FESCO Adecco was invited to participate in and Cheng Cheng, DGM of FA Talent attended the event and brought exciting sharing to the participants.

After 3 months of fierce competition and challenges, the Adecco Group officially announced winners of CEO for One Month 2018 in each individual country. 19-year-old You Shengjie stood out in China and will be the “CEO” of FESCO Adecco for one month.

Way to Work 2018, by joining hands with Champions Foundation once again, conducted a career guidance seminar in the Beijing University of Physical Education and provides career planning and interview training for more than 40 athletes.

FESCO Adecco HR Club invited senior professional trainer Zhou Lizhi to share with HRs the“6 engines of magic speech” to enhance presentation skills and master magic presentation methods.

FESCO Adecco invited Fang Yanxaing, Director of Shanghai Huangpu District Social Insurance Service Center to provide a wonderful explanation on the work injury insurance policy.

Ni Ying, CEO of FESCO Adecco and Zhu Cheng, GM of FESCO Adecco Suzhou, joined the Win4Youth 2018 Belgian boot camp together with other 74 global ambassadors of the Adecco Group.

FESCO Adecco invited Qiao Lin, head of the Huangpu District Management Department of the Shanghai Provident Fund Management Center to give a wonderful sharing and explanation of the key points of the new system of the fund.

FESCO Adecco labor law sessions invited Hu Yuanzhuo and Shen Qiwei, senior lawyer to provide a detailed analysis, through the sharing of multiple cases of how to properly handle labor disputes, with topics ranging from the scope and phases of labor dispute cases, the trial procedures, the preservation of evidence and the methods of proof, and the development of labor dispute cases.

FESCO Adecco VS KPMG football match rolled out and accumulated 60 hours of sports time for Win4Youth 2018.

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