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On the occasion of the celebration of Her Majesty's Birthday, the Australian government announced the Order of Australia Queen's Birthday Honors as well as names and titles of the awarded people. Margaret Jack, Board Member of FESCO Adecco and Chairman of China Consultation Committee of the Adecco Group, was made a Member of the Order of Australia for her contribution to promoting the Sino-Australia Northwest Continental Shelf Natural Gas Project and cooperative relations between the two countries. 

FESCO Adecco , Zhejiang Habit Group and Zhongjun Zhida (Hangzhou) education and technology held the signing ceremony for veteran job placement strategic cooperation program. Present at the signing ceremony were Zhou Ke, COO of FESCO Adecco, Li Yan, Strategic Cooperation Director, Xu Lingli, Director of General Staffing Outsourcing, Xu Qian, President of Zhejiang Habit Group and Chairman of Zhongjun Zhida, Feng Ting, VP of Zhejiang Habit Group, Yin Haibo, President of Hangzhou Fushang and He Yan, Director of University Department from Zhejiang Habit Group. 

At FESCO Adecco HR Club, Mr. Gui Yang from Realize Investment Consulting Company, who possesses rich experience of equity incentive consulting, was invited to address "Method and application of equity incentive", which provides effective and practical plan to non-listed companies. 

As a joint venture enterprise, FESCO Adecco was invited to Swiss Innovation Week for the second times. This event was significant for Chinese-foreign strategic cooperation. Furthermore, just as Swiss drone companies keep searching for innovation and breakthrough, FESCO Adecco is also devoted to pursue innovation perpetually and provide superior human resource solutions. 

FESCO Adecco was invited to attend campus open day of Sino-British College-University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (SBC) and introduced CEO for One Month and achievements that young people will be awarded from participating in the program. In China, the winner will learn management skills from FESCO Adecco CEO and accumulate their unique workplace experiences. 

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