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July, 2018

Zhang Guilin, Secretary and Director of the Party Committee of Beijing SASAC, met with Mr. Alain Dehaze, CEO of the Adecco Group at Capital Hotel. With the strong support of Beijing SASAC, the Adecco Group and FESCO Group will unite strongly to enhance the docking, cooperation and exchange between Beijing state-owned enterprises and overseas high-quality resources, to provide comprehensive HR service solutions and professional advice for China's "One Belt and One Road" and Beijing's "Four Centers" initiatives, to help Chinese enterprises develop overseas.

The 18th China Recruitment and Appointment Exhibition and the 19th Recruitment and Appointment Annual Meeting, the 12th Human Resources Business Partner Annual Conference was held in Shanghai. Nearly 800 corporate human resources professionals visited the site to focus on human resources. FA Talent, professional recruitment brand of FESCO Adecco, has once again won the “Top 20 China Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service Organizations” with professional service, high-quality brand reputation and influence. It has won this award for two consecutive years. At the same time, FESCO Adecco also won the “Top 20 China Flexible Employment Service Organizations” with its flexible employment solutions and management platform. 

Fortune China announced 2018 Fortune Global 500 list, the Adecco Group won the list for 20 years, ranked first among the human resources industry! Since 1999, the Adecco Group has been ranked in the Fortune Global 500 list for 20 consecutive years, and has always maintained the position of the HR service industry leader.

2018 Swiss Innovation Week was successfully held in Beijing. It is an extension of the “China-Sweden Innovation Strategic Partnership” established by China and Sweden in 2016. It is based on the theme of “Digitalization” and covers many key areas that promote the development of Sino-Swiss bilateral relations. Topics include finance, science, art, research, education, sustainable development, and humanitarian relief. FESCO Adecco participated in the whole process. The human resources experts stationed at the booth exchanged ideas with the business managers who came to the booth to discuss how to break through the tradition and apply digital solutions to human resources services.

2018 HRoot China Human Resources Service Exhibition Chengdu station is successfully held in Chengdu. More than 4,000 corporate human resources presidents, directors, managers and professionals gathered at this annual summit. Cheng Lin, DGM of FA Talent, delivered a keynote speech on the topic of “the Essentials of Winning Diversified Talents”.

FESCO Adecco HR Club invited Han Wenwen, a senior expert of the Disabled Labor Service in Jing'an District of Shanghai, to explain the employment policy of the disabled labor service for HR. Also, FESCO Adecco Personnel Services Division Yin Han introduced the Disabled Relief Program to help HR truly simplify their daily work.

FESCO Adecco Flexible Employment Conference was successfully held in Shanghai. The conference invited nearly 100 industry experts, business managers and other guests to interpret the current situation of the flexible employment market.

FESCO Beijing-Shanghai Football Tournament officially kicked off at football stadium in Beijing Technology University. Although Shanghai team lost the game with 0:2 to Beijing team, everyone gained a deep friendship through the competition.

Invited by Hunan Sports Talent Exchange Service Center, FESCO Adecco teamed up with Champion Foundation to share self-awareness and job interview skills for outstanding retired athletes in Hunan Province. 

FESCO Adecco HR Club invited Qu Xiaorong, Senior Partner of Triangle Law Firm, to focus on operational difficulties and misunderstandings in corporate performance management, and to discuss the performance management risks and countermeasures in combination with typical cases.

Raymond Wang, General Manager of FA Talent, attended the sixth session of the Human Resources Industry Theme Series. He also hosted a round-table dialogue, discussing on topic of how to create a new organizational structure, combining advanced organizational concepts with the needs of their own business development.

FESCO Adecco HR Club invited Mei Jianlin, Director of FESCO Adecco Financial Outsourcing Center, to discuss the key points of the national policy through detailed case sharing, and explore the trend of tax reform and the resulting plans, analyze misunderstandings and risks that the policy brings to the enterprises.

FESCO Adecco's "Yuanzhuo" labor law lectures invited Hu Yuanzhuo and Zhou Yi, who have many years of practical experience in labor law, to sort out the legal process of the dissolution of foreign-funded enterprises, and guide HR to properly handle the adjustment and dissolution of group labor relations.

2018 HRoot China Human Resources Service Exhibition Beijing station was successfully held in Beijing. More than 8,000 human resources directors, managers and other professionals gathered to gain insights into the latest international human resources research results. In the morning session, Xu Lingli, Director of FESCO Adecco's General Staffing Center, shared the strategy of enhancing influence through the keynote speech “Opening the Door of Influence for HR”. In the afternoon, Hu Yajuan , Director of FESCO Adecco's Welfare Outsourcing, also Deputy General Manager of FAFULI, shared the theme of “Staff Medical Upgrading Solution Under New Era. ”

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