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October, 2021

Mr. Wen Qinshan, Chairman of FESCO Adecco, visited FA Talent Beijing.

FESCO Adecco Shanghai Secretary of the Party Committee & General Manager Ms. Song Feifei was elected as the representative to The Third Communist Party Shanghai Huangpu District Representative Meeting.

The Adecco Group and Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Service (FESCO) officially announced the establishment of the joint venture company LHH FESCO.

The 4th China-Europe Talent Forum was jointly hosted both offline and online in Beijing and Zurich by Beijing Talent Work Bureau and the Adecco Group. The forum invited 200 renowned experts and scholars, representatives from international institutions, renowned think tanks and senior executives from companies to foster open dialogue and inspiration around the topic of ‘talent’ and Sino-European talent exchange.

FESCO Adecco Shanghai was awarded “Labor Day Award 2021 2021”by Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions.

The Adecco Group successfully organized the Experience Work Day 2021 which brought online and offline training courses. It helped youngsters to initiate their career life in the post-pandemic era.  And the FESCO Adecco experts was invited to host a offline training course which attracted more than 200 university students.

FESCO Adecco Shanghai organized a seminar explaining the Personal Information Protection Law, which invited Legal Director, Mr. Yu Bin and Remuneration Service Director Mr. Huang Enyi to explain the law and prepare organizations for compliance.

The Federation of Trade Unions of FESCO Adecco Shanghai organized a Family Day activity,which invited 800 participants from the families of our clients and staff to attend a show on the China Intangible Cultural Heritage -Lion Dance.

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