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Huangpu District Talent Service Center held the 2018-2019 Public Personnel Service Green Channel Enterprise Certification Meeting. FESCO Adecco was elected as the talent service center of Huangpu District in 2018-2019 by merit of good reputation and solid integrity, and will henceforth enjoy the “Five Priorities” talent service.

Deputy Director Wang Dapei of the Talent Development Department of Shanghai People's Insurance Bureau visited FESCO Adecco with a research group. CEO Ni Ying, Strategic Cooperation Director Li Yan, and Legal Department Director Yu Bin expressed a sincere welcome and conducted in-depth sharing and exchanges with the delegation.

FESCO Adecco HR Club inviteed Yan Rujun, who has more than 10 years of experiences in human resource management and organization development of the world's top 500 multinational companies, to guide us to jump out of the trivial daily work and to see the business at a higher level. Overall, rethink the mission and responsibility of HR in the process of continuous innovation, and use the correct innovative ideas to guide and promote the process of enterprise innovation.

Nearly 50 students from the T1 Elite Training Camp of the Sino-British International College of Shanghai Science and Technology University came to FESCO Adecco for a visit. To this end, we not only led the students to visit and understand the real workplace environment, but also invite the CEO for One Month 2018 China Winner You Shengjie to introduce the company to the students, review his personal experience, and invited the human resources tutor with many years of industry experience to share job search skills with the students. 

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