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  • Ni Ying
    FESCO Adecco CEO

    Ni Ying graduated from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 1995, and later attained a Master degree at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. He is currently the CEO of FESCO Adecco.

    He joined the FESCO Group after graduation and in 2005, was put in charge of managing the entire business as the Deputy General Manager of FESCO Beijing Company. In 2008, he assumed the office of GM of FESCO Adecco Shanghai.

    He was instrumental in the formation of the joint-venture with the Adecco Group, the largest HR services company in the world. In 2010, he led FESCO Group to successfully negotiate with the Adecco Group to form the joint-venture company in Shanghai. In December of the same year, Ni Ying was appointed Managing Director of FESCO Adecco.

    Since then, the joint venture has become a leading provider in Shanghai. Experienced and qualified professionals have joined the enterprise which helps to create a new corporate culture - combining the advantages of a state-owned enterprise and a multinational global HR service provider. Additional locations for the joint-venture were successively formed in Zhejiang, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Shaanxi. Also, FA Talent, WoWooHR, FAFULI and other professional service brands were established. Under his leadership, the company has achieved many years of continuous growth, and he is awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award by FESCO Group, and the "Chairman's Award ", the highest honor awarded by the Adecco Group.

    By the end of 2019, the cash flow of FESCO Adecco surpassed 54.5 billion CNY The company ranked 10th among the top 100 High-end Service Enterprises in Huangpu district. It was also given the award of fastest growth, the award of the Best Emerging Company out of more than 60 countries twice, and won the honor of Highest EBITA Margin Improvement Small-Medium Country of Excellence Award by the Adecco Group. FESCO Adecco now serves more than 2,000,000 associates and 20,000 Chinese and foreign enterprises in China.

    Ni Ying holds the position of vice-president for the Shanghai Human Resources Consulting Association. He was also given the honor of the Huangpu district “Autonomous and Innovative Talent Leader”, “Man of the Year”, and District CPPCC member.
  • Mindy Zheng
    FESCO Adecco CFO

    Mindy Zheng earned her bachelor degree in Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and is a fellow member of ACCA and a member of CICPA.

    She began her career in 1996 at W.R. Grace China Ltd., a US specialty chemical company, where she rose to the position of Accounting Manager for China operation. After that, she served as Finance Manager of Deloitte Consulting Co., Ltd., directing controllership activities.

    Mindy has been the Adecco Group’s Head of Finance China from September 2005 to December 2010, and has been responsible for financial management to support the growth of business in China. She joined FESCO Adecco and served as Deputy General Manager in January 2011. In January of 2014, she was appointed to the position of CFO and has been stewarding all activities in Finance, Pricing, Information Technology, Legal, Internal Control and Procurement to support the rapid development of company business.
  • Ken Zhou
    FESCO Adecco COO

    Ken Zhou graduated from Nankai University in the year of 2003, with a degree in Sales and Marketing. Ken is currently the Chief Operating Officer of FESCO Adecco.

    In 2012, Ken joined FESCO Adecco Chongqing as the General Manager. He led FESCO Adecco Chongqing from scratch, and drove the company to grow rapidly on an annual basis. In 2014 and 2015, FESCO Adecco Chongqing successively won the title of "Chongqing Top 10 Human Resources Service Organization”.

    In 2017, he began to work in Shanghai as the COO of FESCO Adecco, fully in charge of business operation and development, achieving profitable growth target 3 years in a row. By 2019, the cash flow of FESCO Adecco Shanghai surpassed 30 billion RMB with tax contribution over 500 million RMB. Keep focusing on clients and service, he has been actively developing new service areas such as IT Outsourcing, and giving great impetus to the digitalization transformation.

    Before joined FESCO Adecco, Ken had always served in Fortune 500 companies, such as Lenovo Group and Sony China. He has long term business development background, and rich experience in management and customer services.
  • Mark Ma
    FESCO Adecco CDO

    Mark Ma graduated from CDHK (CHINESISCH-DEUTSCHES HOCHSCHULKOLLEG) of Tongji University and holds a Master degree in Business Administration of Tongji University/Frankfurt University. Joined FESCO Adecco in 2020 as the Chief Digital Officer, Mark takes responsibilities of DTC (Digital Transformation Center), IT and New Product Center, also provides IT enablement for other businesses and departments across the company including International Account Management, HRS & PS, Staffing BU and other FESCO Adecco Joint Ventures.

    Before joining FESCO Adecco, Mark worked for Shanghai Volkswagen, Hewlett-Packard then Anheuser-Busch InBev in multiple fields with increasing responsibilities. He gained profound experiences in Finance, IT and Shared Service Center setup/management, with proven leadership from a number of success records in crafting teams and cultivating new fields. In his previous role as the Solutions VP of BU China and BU East Asia in AB InBev, Mark led an overall digital transformation to streamline the whole business into integrated, flexible and secure platforms on which all BUs run, utilized latest technologies to support the business innovation, and optimized the backend cost by running Shared Service Center, all the efforts effectively maximized business value.
  • Kang Yi
    General Manager, International Account Management, FESCO Adecco

    KangYi obtained her Fudan University EMBA degree in 2018, holds of position of General Manager for FESCO Adecco’s International Account Management, and currently in charge of International Account Management Center. She aims to establish strategic partnership with clients, supports them to expand their business globally, and to integrate the “Going Global” and “Bringing-In” strategy.

    She joined FESCO Adecco in 2005, and set up customer service team and onsite management team in 2006. With the growing of FESCO Adecco, she has previously managed Sales Department, Employees’ Benefit Outsourcing Department, BPO Department etc, established share service center, and introduced training system to guarantee service quality. What’s more, she executed multiple projects such as management essential, drone pilot and flexible staffing. She traveled to the HQ of the Adecco Group for further study of international key accounts management in 2018, and now takes over the international account management center to support and implement key accounts’ strategies of international expansion. In 2019, she was responsible for the in-depth cooperation and driving for collaborative innovations for the 85 global accounts with most potential in the market. She was able to help the clients achieve successful transformation and profound development and growth targets not only through optimizing our services to key accounts with our deep diving into clients' cause of pains and discovering recessive requirements, but also through efficiently and effectively leveraging global resources for improved performances.
  • Leon Lin
    FAFULI General Manager

    Leon Lin, who graduated from Jilin University of Certified Public Accountant in 2000, now serves as the General Manager of FAFULI.

    Leon joined FESCO Adecco in August 2014. His team launched the first one-stop self-selection benefit platform in China -- FAFULI, which integrates health management, risk protection, self-service, etc. FAFULI truly achieves offline to online services transition, and provides one-stop benefit management solutions for enterprises. FAFULI is a professional brand company of FESCO Adecco, which is an enterprise-level welfare service provider. Its service area covers the whole country. FAFULI sticks to the product and service as its foundation of business, and creates a large welfare service system; at the same time, FAFULI promotes the integration of resources by innovation, and creates a new definition of employee welfare.

    Leon has over 20 years’ rich management experience in finance and insurance field, by serving as Project Manager, General Manager and Managing Director in leading national comprehensive financial service group and leading international risk management consulting group. He has made significant contributions and achievements in various fields including sales management, process re-engineering, strategic planning and business model innovation. Leon managed various modules from the front end to the back end. He is experienced in integrating data, technology and resource, establishing strategy model with foresight, diversity and market competitiveness. His mindset with prospective innovation helps him to win business opportunities.
  • Jane Cai
    FESCO Adecco Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy General Manager, Chairman of the Union

    Jane Cai graduated from Tongji University Accounting major in 1996, and then attained EMBA degree at Fudan University in 2013. Now Jane is the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy General Manager, and Chairman of the Union of FESCO Adecco.

    Jane joined FESCO Adecco in 2005 and was appointed as HR & Administrative Director in 2010. In 2009, Jane has been appointed as Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Union of FESCO Adecco Shanghai. Then Jane was promoted to Deputy General Manager of FESCO Adecco Shanghai in 2016.

    Jane successfully built the EVP of FESCO Adecco, established a scientific assessment and incentive system to maximize the potential of talents and create excellent teams. Moreover, Jane values the creation of corporate culture, promotes corporate to transform and innovate, thus to empower business development and improve human resource efficiency.

    Jane adheres to people-oriented, win-win and mutual benefit, maintains the interests of employees through the union, creates a healthy interactive communication platform, mobilizes the enthusiasm of employees, and motivates employees to achieve the company's goals of sustainable, stable and healthy development. She advocates thought leadership, consolidates the power of progress, and encourages employees to turn into action to create a harmonious labor relationship. She is committed to coordinating internal and external public relations and creating a favorable internal and external environment for the development of the company.
  • Alice Wu
    FA Talent General Manager

    Alice Wu, graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2004, now serves as General Manager of FA Talent.

    After Alice joined FESCO Adecco in Aug.2006, she successfully led Sales Dept., Recruiting Dept., and BPO Dept. with outstanding performance. Since 2009, Alice and her team have overfulfilled company’s business targets for eight successive years. In 2016, FESCO Adecco awarded the “Highest Profit and Fastest Development Department” prize to the team Alice led. Alice was promoted to Deputy General Manager of FESCO Adecco in April.2017, in charge of General Staffing Center. In 2018, her team achieved high profitability growth in General Staffing Outsourcing business.

    Since February.2019, Alice serves as General Manager for FESCO Adecco’s subsidiary FA Talent, responsible for introducing innovative business model that contributes to performance growth to the brand and FESCO Adecco as a whole. FA Talent is a specialized brand under FESCO Adecco, focusing on Talent Acquisition, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Management Service Provider and etc. in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Suzhou, Shenzhen and Nantong.
  • Lilian Tang
    General Manager, HRS & PS Business Unit , FESCO Adecco

    Lilian Tang, MBA from Manchester Business School, is General Manager of HRS & PS Business Unit of FESCO Adecco.

    Lilian Tang joined FESCO Shanghai in May 2007 and was responsible for customer service delivery, customer service and business operation team management and process optimization. In May 2018, she was appointed as Deputy General Manager of FESCO Adecco, in charge of HRS. She led the team to continuously optimize the service model, drive and empower the business sector, improve the core business capabilities, and promote the healthy development of the whole organization.

    In Jan 2020, Lilian Tang was appointed as the general manager of the HRS & PS business Unit, taking full charge of the operation and management of the Business Unit. HRS & PS of FESCO Adecco is committed to providing customers with one-stop human resources service solution covering whole employment relationship process. With the focus on payroll and legal welfare management, this business unit is dedicated to help enterprises to simplify HR operation process, strengthen risk management, control human cost, and improve employees’ service experience and satisfaction.
  • Alick Ying
    General Manager, Retail and Consumer Service Department, FESCO Adecco

    Alick Ying graduated from Zhejiang University with MBA degree. He joined FESCO Adecco in July 2019.

    He has rich experience in retail consumer engagement, trade marketing and sales strategy. His career crossed two top FMCG company: British American Tobacco and Unilever China. Before he joined FESCO Adecco, Alick was General Manager of A2 Marketing Service Co. LTD which is a member of WPP Group.

    Alick Ying leads a team to provide professional one-stop service for the retail and consumer related enterprises. These services include providing retail staff recruitment, training, motivation and some strategic tools through update technology.
  • Song Feifei
    FESCO Adecco Deputy GM

    Song Feifei, graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2001, is currently the deputy general manager of FESCO Adecco, who is responsible for the company's marketing and sales, and is committed to helping the company achieve business growth and occupy a leading position in the market.

    In 2001, she joined Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resource Service Co., Ltd (FESCO). and successively worked in business department and sales department. And as the business director of the company, she is responsible for business development, shared services center and marketing. At the same time, she also served as the general manager of the subsidiary company, and led the company to achieve more than 20% profit growth for two consecutive years. 18 years of working experience has accumulated her rich experience in human resources industry, with strong brand promotion, marketing planning and business development capabilities.

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