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HR Comprehensive Solutions
Background Introduction
A large US manufacturing enterprise planned to invest and build a factory in a third-tier city along China’s coastal line. The client had a variety of job demands for large quantities of recruitment. After completing the recruitment work, they faced a series of transactional obligations such as personnel commission, pre-job training, employee insurance, welfares benefits and payroll. This would require additional HR recruitment, staff training and management. After analyzing the client’s specific needs, FESCO Adecco provided a whole array of HR service solutions. With these cumbersome distractions out of the way, the client was able to improve efficiency and stay on schedule to open the factory. 
Client Requirement: Talent Recruitment
The client needed more than 300 employees in less than one year, among which  highly specialized engineers and entry-level workers were needed massively and urgently, so that overseas training could be arranged and operation could be on schedule. The task was very difficult because the client had a rather high requirement in the quality of the candidates, a pretty narrow range of related industries, combined with the geographical isolation of the factory location. 
FESCO Adecco Solutions
■ Stationed professional on-site recruitment consultants to respond to the changing needs of the client
■ By using our personal nationwide network, combined with a variety of online and offline channels, we searched for talents from a number of related industries and completed the recruitment for all of the entry level-positions (reception, administration, HR), and high end poisons (senior engineer, finance director, sales director, IT director)
■ As for the large demand for blue-collar workers, we hired young-professionals from top universities to meet the sufficient number of candidates required for operation. 

Client’s Requirement: Legal Services
The factory employed a large number of low-end laborers which meant frequent staff turnover, this resulted in the client wanting legal advisory services to deal with labor law disputes involving employee dismissal and many other related matters. 
FESCO Adecco Solutions
■ Arranged professional lawyers to act as corporate counsels and provide 1-2 hours of telephone-counseling services twice per week. 
■ The client was provided with targeted services such as court representation, when faced with legal disputes or difficulties. 

Client’s Requirement: Employee Pre-job Training
Before operation, the client demanded that all recruited business managers and engineers be sent to overseas factories in batches to finish 1-2 months of professional training, requiring a large number of foreign language translators to accompany them. Meanwhile, the employees hired for less specialized work were arranged to receive related courses to complete pre-job training in the factory location. 
FESCO Adecco Solutions
■ Translation services: provided Chinese translation for the training materials of the client
■ Visa services: employees didn’t have to go back and forth for many formalities. Our consultants prepared the invitation letter, travel insurance, airplane tickets etc. 
■ Cultural awareness training: provided cross-cultural training for the employees to help them understand how to transit into the overseas working and living conditions 
■ Intern outsourcing: recruited a large number of foreign language student interns through university channels to work as translators, accompanying the employee trainee abroad. Responsible for running all components of bi-lingual recruitment, such as visa applications, transportation, wage negotiation, allowances payroll, travel insurance and all other matters. Sent specially assigned persons to accompany and oversee the smooth running of the project.
■ Blue-collar training: found local schools to arrange training instructors and let the school design the curriculum content according to client’s needs.


Client’s Requirement: Personnel Outsourcing
As the factory gradually expanded its recruitment, the HR transactional workload such as the signing of labor contracts, salary payroll, employee entry and departure formalities, had increased substantially. 
FESCO Adecco Solution
■ Utilizing the advantage of our nationwide accessibility, we had the ability to station many on-site professionals to deal with clients’ needs as they arose. 
■ Responsible for attendance, payroll, C&B, employee residential permits etc. Successfully reduced the client’s cost in HR management and improved its efficiency. 
■ Helped the client carry out activities such as establishing unions and other related HR services

Client’s Requirements: Financial Outsourcing
A client’s factory and its regional headquarters were separated, the remote office had developed a troublesome reimbursement process and efficiency began to decline. The solution was to place a dedicated person responsible for all tasks involving auditing, arranging reimbursement documents and paying the salaries. 
FESCO Adecco Solutions
■ Represented clients to do the audit work of reimbursement bills, improved the efficiency of the reimbursement process, liberated the client’s financial staff from the transactional work and allowed them to focus on the core values of the financial work.
■ Once the high quality of service and systematic management model was in place, the client and the employees reached satisfaction in the reimbursement process and the actual efficiency had been improved. 


Client’s Requirement: Welfare Outsourcing 
Due to the remote location of a client factory, it was deemed necessary to have nearby medical facilities to address employees’ work-site safety issues. Furthermore, employees demanded health insurance, access to routine physical examinations and other supplemental medical welfares. 
FESCO Adecco Solutions
■ Clinic outsourcing services: Helped the client build an emergency clinic at the factory to provide first-aid kits and other specialized equipment. Accredited professional health care staff to provide emergency first-aid treatment for simple ailments. 
■ Health welfares: provided the client with a full supplementary welfare including personal accident insurance, supplementary medical insurance, annual physical examinations, high-end medical services for the foreign staff stationed in China, as well as related medical care for their children.


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