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Service Advantages


Service network across the world and covering China

We have a service network in over 60 countries and territories around the world. In China, we formed a service network reaching out to more than 300 cities in 31 provinces and autonomous regions, and established over 120 investment companies and branches and over 100HR partners. The international business department is established to help and support the foreign invested companies that are already active or looking to start operations in China. The international business department also supports Chinese companies seeking expanding outside of China utilizing the network of Adecco. Within this department the Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish languages are spoken. With our language skills and up-to-date knowledge of the Labor Law and relevant laws we actively bridge between companies, legal framework and local capabilities ensuring that our clients get the best solution tailored to your needs. 


Advanced IT Service Technology

BPO Management System

We operate all sorts of BPO management services through the system including mobile attendance management, actual attendance and planned data comparison, leave management, work plan management, announcements, online study, recruitment resources management etc.


Easy-time Attendance Management System

Outsourcing employee attendance management, switch from the traditional written application, email approval and manual date record style to automatic attendance management accessible through computer and WeChat.


Phoenix Staff Employ and Demission System

Phoenix is a system providing a platform for the serviced employees of FESCO Adecco for e-entry and self-inquiry services. The employees can finish their entry filing through their mobile phones, accomplish the documents submission through photos or courier and use their fingerprints instead of signature. Phoenix helps the client’s HR to lower the cost and increase the efficiency.

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)High Efficient Customer Service Management System

The ERP system ranges across all aspects of our business and is an integrated enterprise software system for traditional personnel outsourcing, special outsourcing and welfare outsourcing. It plays a huge role in many areas of our business, including: sales, account management, quotation drafting, management approval, client services and background checks. Furthermore, the system has proved and excellent resource for quality control management purposes, connecting various departments and generating timely feedback. 

SSC (Staffing Service Center) System

The SSC system features two models: call center and data center. Employees can, at any time, consult one of the many options at their disposal: the 400 630 6666 Hotline, the public consultation e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , the company’s official website message board or our mobile phone app. These consultation options deal with issues regarding salary, welfares, social insurance and housing provident fund, supplementary medical insurance, entry and departure procedures, various certificate documents, extracurricular activities, employee satisfaction surveys and employee complaints handling etc. The SSC system is an integrated service overview, acting as a platform to continuously improve the quality and satisfaction of our clients' employees.

FAST(FESCO Adecco Super Tool)Recruitment Management System

The FAST system makes it possible for full process operation and track for corporate, candidates and projects in the headhunting services. The system integrates talents and corporate resources from multiple channels with more than 140,000 valid candidates’ information. It makes the process of searching talents faster and effective for our consultants and provides faster feedbacks for the corporates and candidates. It also has a complete talent tracking function which offers notifications for all milestones of recruitment process, thus reduce the paperwork time and allow the consultants to have more time in communication and better relationship with the clients and candidates.


50 Specialized Job Fairs- Online Specialized Job Fair Platform

The online recruitment platform www.50zhuanchang.com specialized on technical talents offers 50 specialized job fairs every month categorized by region and positions in order to have 50 high quality candidates at least in every job fair. Using FESCO Adecco’s enormous talent pool, consultant screen and communication with the candidates in advance and ensure the CV are real and fresh. This job fair lowers the early stage recruitment investment and it makes our recruitment more accurate and effective. 


QIQI Recruitment-Mobile Recruitment Channel

QIQI recruitment is a mobile recruitment channel connecting job applicants with the clients through mobile devices. It has a comprehensive function including job publishing, job application, friend recommendation and process management. 


Xpress and national policy inquiry system

This is a self-developed national business system providing centralized management for national client management, entry/departure management, base number collection, payroll control etc. This system proves online inquiry for local HR-related regulation and policy across China for the clients.


Key account management System

Create a key account managing team through the system, implement the general management for all key account-related business, provide timely feedbacks, track clients’ requirements, improve service efficiency, provide client requirement analysis and make improvement through the system, eventually increase the satisfaction level of the clients.


Professional Innovative Team

The management team of FESCO Adecco possesses an advanced management concept. With the KPI assessment, competency model system and global service platform,our team of human resources innovation is experienced in providing the above services to our clients professionally, time and time again.


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