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  • August

    FESCO Adecco 2016 HY Review Meeting held in the Hyatt on the Bund. FESCO Adecco management and nearly 180 employees attended the meeting

    FESCO Adecco HUAWEI visa service center held the opening ceremony. The visa center is located in G district in the HQ of Shenzhen HUAWEI, is the first outsourcing visa service center of HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd., through on-site onsite personnel, provide part of the country's total process of visa services to HUAWEI employees

    FESCO Adecco, WoWooHR and 1024 Xueyuan, joined together to reach strategic cooperation in corporate training, personnel training, echelon construction and other aspects


National Service

FESCO has formed a service network reaching out to 300 cities in 31 provincial regions. We have 120 investment companies, 150 branches and more than 100 HR partners in china and international networks in more than 60 countries for use...


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