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  • June

    Hangzhou deputy mayor Xie Shuangcheng met with the Adecco Group CEO Alain Dehaze, CFO Hans Ploos van Amstel, FESCO Adecco CEO Ni Ying, board member Margaret Jack, Cynthia Chew, Max Ma, and FESCO Adecco Zhejiang GM Zhang Pin

    The Adecco Group ranked the 2nd Great Place to Work in Europe according to the annual Great Place to Work® survey, rising from 5th place in 2016

    Beijing supervisory panels of state-owned enterprises, second office President Li Weiwei, Director Fang Zihong visit FESCO Adecco accompany by CEO Ni Ying, CFO Mindy Zheng, FESCO Adecco Chongqing GM Zhou Ke, FESCO Adecco DGM Jane Cai

    During June 27 to 29, "Summer Davos in Asia: Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2017" was held in Dalian. The Adecco Group Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Stephan Howeg, FESCO Adecco CEO Ni Ying, Board Member Cynthia Chew, Margaret Jack were invited


National Service

FESCO has formed a service network reaching out to 300 cities in 31 provincial regions. We have 120 investment companies and more than 150 HR partners in china and international networks in more than 60 countries for use...


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