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Provide clients with a professional, full-service HR staff. These reliable experts create and streamline all personnel services such as staff entry, payroll and departure. By consolidating a broad range of operations into a one-stop service solution, clients can reduce their HR management cost and can significantly improve their efficiency.



Provide clients with a professional, full service HR staff


1. Social Insurance/ Housing Provident Fund

Social insurance-based auditing, reporting, payment, account transfers, mergers and insurance claims; consultant services on housing provident fund-based auditing, report, payment, account mergers, loans and withdrawals


2. Employee Entry and Departure

Issue personnel work certificates for employee record, recruitment/withdrawal procedures for workers; job evaluation consulting; assist personnel with new staff introductions


3. Compensation and Taxation Management

Salary payment and tax declaration


4. Employee Files

Unified electronic profile management system


5. Policy Consultation

Provide up-to-date information on local labor laws and policies issued by the local governmentSalary payment and tax declaration


6. Labor Union

Create labor union for the clientsEmployee files


7.Employee Events

Organize various employee events


Global Dispatching 

One-stop integrated foreign personnel solutions


■ Entry Documentation

Invitation letter for business visa
Business visa extension
Employment permit & residence permit

■ Salary and Tax Management

Salary structure & tax policy consultation
Payroll & tax payment
Payroll & management of foreign currency
Establish & manage tax accounts
Reimbursement management

■ Social Insurance Solutions

Social insurance policy consultation
Company social insurance account and individual account
Personnel social insurance documentation review & translation
Answer social insurance queries
Personal account management
Account cancellation support upon departure

■ Welfare Plans

Comprehensive medical insurance plan for foreign employees
Global accident insurance plan
Customized foreigner insurance plan
Detail of employees' activities

■ Settlement & Entry

Housing options
Settlement and immersion plan
Market entry counseling
Langue and culture training
Other various customized training programs

■ Integrated Solutions for Foreign Interns

Foreign intern selection and recommendation
Build long-term foreign intern data base
Internship visa solution
Intern HR support and management
Leave management and living allowance solutions

Oversea talent Dispatching

Build long-term foreign intern data base
Internship visa solution
Intern HR support and management
Leave management and living allowance solutions

Investment Policy Consultation

Investment trend analysis and consultationInternship visa solution

Feasibility report for representative office, foreign investing company and joint-venture company


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