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Corporate Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

The comprehensive and professional outsourcing services can help clients to outsource the non-core positions or the business processes. These outsourcing services simplify the employment process, reduce the employee management cost through professional personnel management and standard operation process; they also lower the personnel risks and improve the corporate management efficiency through advanced IT technology and system support. FESCO Adecco provides professional services to free clients from the tedious daily processes, thus allowing more time to focus on the core of their business.


We provide sales terminal management, data management and experience marketing services. We solve clients’ problems including job vacancy, personnel risk, material control and sales promotions through systematic processes. Those processes include program planning, material planning and transport, recruitment, training, HR management, on-site management, quality inspection, data collection and analysis. Our services help clients to improve their sales personnel’s ability of execution and create a perfect POS terminal.  
BPO- Retail
We provide professional HR operation solution and provide part-time BPO services for retail and F&E industry through the analysis of clients’ product POS terminal. Our services include mass recruitment, diversity training, material planning, risk exposure and event coordination. We strengthen the part-time management’s standard and felicity to free clients’ investment in part-time management and focus on the general store operation.
BPO-Financial Services
We provide BPO services for financial industries’ non-core positions such as lobby attendants, data process, copy and scanning jobs. We provide professional BPO experience for recruitment, unified training, position training, in-service assessment, on-site management and employee relationships. Thus, we help our clients to lower the recruitment cost, management labor cost and improve the brand image, satisfaction level of the customers. 
BPO-Manufacturing Industry
We provide blue collar management and manufacturing section management services for manufacturing enterprises.
Blue collar management – Besides providing the traditional HR outsourcing services, we also provide blue collars’ career planning, lower level manager training, skill training management, logistic management. We tailor the comprehensive management solution for our clients’ blue collar employees. 
Manufacturing section management – we have a rich talent pool for blue collars. We can provide sufficient labor for general positions in manufacturing enterprises including assembling, cleaning, packing, loading and transporting positions. We help our clients to optimize and improve their SOP, create and manage outsourcing employees’ EHS, product quality control systems. We provide a general outsourcing service and lower the internal management and production cost through project and production outsourcing.
We provide BPO services for business supporting positions in the office. Those positions include receptionist, administration, IT and customer services. Through various recruitment channel, comprehensive employee training and events, tailored payroll service, we manage the whole process of the office employees and increase the management efficiency of the clients for non-core positions, avoid labor risks, control labor cost, lower the management risk and push forward the core business development. 


Financial Outsourcing and Compensation Management

Financial Outsourcing

The present-day concept of financial outsourcing has evolved significantly from the traditional concept of book-keeping. Benefiting from a comprehensive and advanced platform coupled with the support of our knowledgeable and dedicated staff, our clients can choose to outsource their financial accounting obligations to us. Irrespective of the size of your enterprise, FESCO Adecco can meet all your payroll and workforce management requirements. 

The service content includes:

1. Financial modules including taxation and treasury agents

2. On-line support for managing accounting information

3. Remote on-line reimbursement and attendance management

4. Long / short term finance employee outsourcing

5. Book-keeping agency

6. Tax consultation


Compensation Management

Provide clients with customized compensation management services. Our comprehensive solutions allow our clients to either establish or improve an existing salary system. These services will cover data collection of employee personnel, salary calculation, social security withholding, payroll and database maintenance etc. We will provide all information necessary to design, implement and maintain a streamlined salary processing procedure:

1. Compensation management planning: provide compensation management consulting services

2. Staff information management: set up professional personnel information management system

3. Attendance management: design customized professional attendance system software and hardware deployment according to the clients’ internal rules and regulations regarding daily attendance, sick or vacation leave and overtime; complete functional configuration test of the system

4. Calculation and payment of salaries: use the self-developed system Payroll Professional Service (PPS) to provide systematic salary management services


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