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Employee Welfare

Help clients make an in-depth analysis of employee demands and structure a two-fold solution detailing employee welfare; health benefits and flexible benefits. Provide a customized package that comprehensively meets the specific needs of the client’s staff, which will cut cost and enhance employee satisfaction.


Health welfare

Help clients provide employees with an inclusive health protection program. These services mostly include health insurance, family coverage, preventative care, accident insurance etc. providing a specific, reliable medical care plan is the foundation for a healthy relationship between the enterprise and its employees.


Health insurance

Standard medical insurance

High-end medical insurance

Severe illness health insurance

Hospitalization subsidies


Family caring

Supplemental medical insurance for the employees’ children

Supplemental medical insurance for the employees’ spouses


Health management

Employee Assistance Program (H-EAP)

Physical examination services for new staff members

Annual national and customized physical examination services


Accident insurance

Global accident insurance

Accidental medical insurance

Life insurance policy


Comprehensive insurance

Employer liability insurance

Family property insurance

Business travel insurance


Flexible welfare

Provide clients with a self-service ‘cloud’ platform used by employees to coordinate their flexible benefits. All welfare packages are tailored according to the client’s individual budget. Employees can log into the on-line platform and select from various products and services such as insurance coverage, health examinations, sports and fitness classes, corporation training, vacation time, religious or cultural holiday, psychological counseling, company merchandise etc.


Various welfare products

Allow clients to choose from more than 1,000 welfare products


National service network

Help clients achieve a unified nationwide operation by making insurance, examinations and other welfare products accessible throughout China


Personalized welfare platform

The online welfare cloud is customized for each client- wolai66 (www.wolai66.com). It is an efficient and flexible management platform system that is easily controlled by the clients


Data analysis report

Collect and analyze cloud data in order to monitor which welfare products and services are most often considered by employees


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