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FESCO Adecco has a deep understanding of the demands for talent in different industries over various business models. This allows us insight into the talents’ possibilities in their different career stages. With the support of our comprehensive recruitment system and large candidate pool, we provide global search services that professionally target talent according to the client’s corporate culture, business features, organizational structure and recruitment needs. By incorporating a wide range of recruitment channels under one roof, our recruitment/RPO services can strategically reduce the clients’ costs on recruiting and communication, thus improving efficiency whilst eliminating internal personnel work pressure. Those services include recruitment needs analysis, design recruitment positions, post recruiting information, search recruitment channels, screening CV, participate in recruitment process, talent assessment, reference check and analysis report etc. 



Build a virtual recruitment center for enterprises

Accredit professional recruitment consultants to manage the entire process of internal recruitment


Executive Search

Headhunting services designed for senior management positions, using advanced technological research and development positions

Cover many key industries such as automotive, communications, medicine, IT, electronics, FMCG, durable good, energy, chemicals, banking, finance etc. 


General Staffing

Recruitment services designed for mid- and low-end positions

Cover general positions such as reception, secretary, administrator, intern, salesperson etc.


Talent Searching Center

Through extensive and reliable channels, we continuously collect, screen and update candidate information to add to our personal database. Resources are organized by industry and management levels, providing the perfect talent search engine for recruitment personnelResponsible for the management of incoming and departing employees


FAST Recruitment System

Integrate various channels of resources from the establishment of the clients to the completion of the recruitment, provide faster reaction speed for the clients and candidates, increase the level of satisfaction


Xpert Assessment System

Through the standard, reliable physiological talent assessment system Xpert, evaluate the candidates by their skills, ability and attitude and provide comprehensive and objective result, tailor a general talent development solution based on the assessment result


Xpert Assessment System

We have developed a specialized recruitment website with real-time updates of key job information to build a direct express channel for the candidates. This allows for a more effective an efficient communication bridge between business and job seekers


Campus Recruiting

Assess to a strong channel of university resources; regularly organize large-scale enterprise campus recruitment fairs

Provide a customized recruiting process according to the specific talent needs, making campus recruitment a perfect one-stop solution


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