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HR-related Service Fields


Business Center

The registration, change and withdrawal of enterprises and representative offices

Office venue rental services

Public secretarial services

Translation services of files and documents

Everyday administrative services


Legal Consulting

Provide timely, workable legal adviceOffice venue rental services

Provide proactive risk prevention recommendations on labor lawsPublic secretarial services

Establish an operational labor management system and also a risk control systemTranslation services of files and documents

Carry out labor dispute mediation using legal aide servicesEveryday administrative services


Visa Center

Obtain the visa agent qualification issued by the exit-entry administration and provide exit visa services throughout the world. 

We also have independent visa centers for Germany, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands that provide professional, high quality and efficient services.

Basic Services:

Visa consulting, operational guidance, review of application materials, online booking, visa submission, passport collectionCompensation management planning

Value-added Services:

Insurance purchasing, document translation, various types of certification, accompanying interviews 


The Assessment and Evaluation Center

Provide employers the assessment tools and consulting plan for optimizing the talent selection and development of employee potential:

■ Campus recruiting and social recruiting: comprehensive quality assessment (competency, vocational interest, work behavior)

■ Employee inventory evaluation: sales assessment, position trait assessment for customer serviceProfessional immigration consultation and assessment

■ Assessment in training: personality test + team analysis + self-awareness training
■ Leadership assessment: Upper subordinate fit assessment, 360°quality management feedback systemCustomized immigration program and provide professional advice for overseas property allocation and tax planning

■ Assessment and consultation solution: including competency modeling, assessment center technology, training requirements diagnosis, employee performance and career potential etc.Assist to arrange the relocation service after the immigration


Provide employees career planning and personal development services:

Study specialty guidance (>=16 years), personal career planning guide

■ The relationship management counseling: parent-child relationships, intimate relationships, the relationship between colleagues

■ Personal development: executive coaching, pressure counseling

Provide senior certification program in the Chinese registered personnel assessment division, people who pass the course will get the vocational qualification issued by the National Institute of Human Resources


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