Service Features

Worldwide and nationwide service network

Service network in more than 60 countries and regions in the world. In China, the service scope covers more than 400 cities in 34 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.


Digital Services

We are dedicated to providing digital solutions and on-the-ground delivery of HR scenarios for our clients.

Digital Recruitment Platform

The iStaffing recruitment platform has end-to-end online recruitment capabilities, from sourcing, and interviewing to job offers. It helps companies build a talent pool, gain resumes efficiently, and match candidates in an intelligent manner. Additionally, it connects candidates, HR, and interviewers through the platform, facilitating online invitations, communication, and feedback. When used with the HR SSC digital platform, it can seamlessly drift candidates to the onboarding stage and integrate with subsequent processes.

HR SSC Digital Platform

This is a work platform tailored for enterprise SSC (Shared Services Center) teams, built on years of SSC service experience. It comes with in-built SSC service standard processes, making it ready to use. It can also be flexibly configured to match enterprise management requirements for workflow and forms. The HR SSC digital platform transforms SSC business operations and management standards into online and intelligent processes. It supports employee mobile access and HR approval, and integrates chatbots and RPA (Robotic Process Automation), making it easier for enterprise SSC teams to work more efficiently and maintain high quality in their daily routines. The HR SSC digital platform also seamlessly integrates with the FESCO Adecco nationwide social security billing system, enabling online and visualization of social security tasks.

Digital HR Operation Solutions

Based on years of experience in human resources services and incorporating technologies such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), NLP (Natural Language Processing), and knowledge graphs, a range of human resources efficiency tools has been developed to support enterprises in HR digital transformation. These tools encompass a one-stop and cloud-based management platform for human resources, which covers core HR and scheduling attendance. What’s more, they also provide an intelligent compensation management platform, intelligent personal income tax return, RPA solutions, intelligent chatbot Q&A solutions, smart outbound calling, social security and residence registration robots, e-signatures, electronic document platforms, etc. Portfolio solutions can also be tailored according to customer’s specific business scenarios.

Digital Management Solutions for Retail Terminals

Based on a profound understanding of the needs of various scenarios in the retail industry and the needs of enterprises and consumers, we have created an efficient, compliant, and controllable multi-functional operation platform for retail brand terminals, covering both full-time and part-time personnel management systems. The platform assists brand terminal executives, and regional, and headquarters managers to efficiently, transparently, and flexibly carry out project management to optimize project execution. It also provides a real-time data dashboard for the project team to monitor the progress across the board and improve the quality of the project and the return on investment.

Digital Benefits Platform

The first domestic end-to-end self-service welfare platform is capable of comprehensively fulfilling employees’ self-service insurance claims, physical examination appointments, report viewing, welfare redemption, and other benefit needs. With a unified account and credit system that covers a wide range of welfare scenarios, it creates a customized one-stop digital welfare portal for enterprises.


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