General Staffing Solutions

Focusing on outsourcing services for general jobs and comprehensive HR management, we provide flexible and diversified employment solutions to companies to reduce employment risks and increase managerial efficiency with advanced digital technology support, and to free them from routine work to focus on conducting core business.

General Job Solutions

We afford outsourcing services for business-supported jobs based on office jobs.

Services include: full-time and flexible solutions for reception desk services, human resources management, administrative affairs, financial affairs and various general office jobs, etc.

Campus Recruitment

We provide employer brand promotion, marketing theme design, universities and colleges matching, campus recruitment operation and subsequent employee training, activities and care services.

Comprehensive Management of Labor Relations

We delve into the employment patterns used in different scenarios under the trend of new business format, and deliver specialized management solutions for labor force. And we provide one-stop service of “labor dispatching, flexible staffing, financial and tax planning, and settlement scheme” to achieve companies’ flexibility, reduce employment risks, and optimize overall efficiency of labor force.

Digital HR Outsourcing Services

Combining with digital methods, we provide comprehensive solutions such as diagnosis and optimization, talent development training and HR expert services to meet the diversified needs of enterprises, and to assist them in reducing cost, increasing efficiency and boosting rapid development.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

We help clients to manage all providers of flexible staffing service with the aims of reducing enterprise management costs and risks while increasing the ROI of flexible employment. With the efficient management system VMS(Vendor Management System), clients can also use unified rates and delivery standards in flexible human resources management.

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