Global Employee Outsourcing

With several decades of experience serving MNCs and employees, through Adecco’s global service network covering 60 countries and regions, and FESCO’s China network of more than 240 affiliates and branches in 400 cities, we aim to provide professional and efficient international service, and convenient, considerate, one-stop international talent solutions, customize various service projects, and help our customers and their employees to integrate well and quickly adapt to new environment and work smoothly.

Global Mobility Solutions

We provide HR outsourcing services for companies that have Non-institutionalized entity in China, including performing comprehensive staff management and employment relationship management in China, providing consulting services according to local labor employment laws and regulations, assisting in institution establishment and personnel transfer, and providing strict risk control management and people care, etc.

Overseas Business Development

We have established full-fledged two-way channels between Chinese companies and overseas markets, helping domestic companies address their needs in terms of recruiting and employing overseas personnel. With our “Sign one contract with FA only, serve the world”, we provide one-stop solutions for HR services that enable Chinese companies to go global and achieve a seamless transition from “consulting” to “delivery”.

Candidate International Mobility

Based on the company's needs for international business development, we help in rational deployment of talents worldwide, and provide a comprehensive range of services including various Immigration Visa Services, employee background checks, and global talent relocation. 

Entry-exit Permit Services

We provide counseling and process agency services for the handling of immigration documents for corporate employees.

Employee Background Checks

We provide companies with verification for employee-related items including IDs, criminal record, educational background, work experience, work performance, litigation, personal credit, commercial conflicts of interest, and global databases in over 200 countries worldwide.

International Business Services

We provide consulting services and project management in cross-border business development, including registration, alteration, transfer, and cancellation of companies. We also offer information on employment policies, market regulations, finance and tax management consulting, and other corporate services to maintain the legal compliance of the main body of our client's international business activities and to facilitate the localized compliance development of business.





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