Permanent Placement and RPO

We are committed to providing enterprises with comprehensive talent acquisition solutions such as advanced talent headhunting and recruitment process outsourcing.


Relying on the talent pool accumulated over the years and the “Direct Seeking” approach, we select advanced talents for enterprises in many fields covering Life Science, Intelligent Manufacturing, Retail Consumer Goods, Finance, Digital Technology, Environmental Protection, New energy, Semi-conductor, ICT, and other industries. We intend to identify highly-talented individuals for enterprises and achieve high-quality delivery through clear talent profiling and recruitment plans, multi-channel passive talent hunting, job matching on recruitment platforms, and behavioral interviews based on candidates’ competencies.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO)

We provide customized RPO solutions based on a comprehensive evaluation of clients’ recruitment process: end-to-end RPO, project-based RPO, and onsite recruitment support, which include whole-process management from human resources planning, recruitment strategies to talent maintenance, and candidates management system; we also combine self-developed digital intelligent recruitment system to assist customers in human resources management and projects analysis, thereby improving clients’ recruitment efficiency and fulfilling their talent demand with optimized costs.





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