Professional Staffing Solutions

We focus on outsourcing services in vertical industries and specialized fields. Based on our years of involvement in the industry and rich service experience in specialized fields, FESCO Adecco simplifies employment procedures for its customers, improves the operational efficiency of businesses, and reduces staff management costs by utilizing diversified recruitment channels, professional staff management, and standardized operating procedures.

Information Technology Services

We provide clients with a full range of specialized solutions for human resources and projects, utilize our own service system and management capability to encourage efficient talent recruitment, help business success, thus giving new impetus to their digital transformation.

Digital Technology Manpower Outsourcing

We reduce cost and increase efficiency, meet the employment needs of R&D positions and provide on-site development services for R&D talents.

Testing and Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Services

With the advanced concept of IT operation and maintenance management, we can meet the needs of different customers to improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance management and lessen operating costs.

Project Implementation Services

We customized efficient delivery models through professional management and cutting-edge experiences on onshore and offshore delivery.

Customized Software Services

Based on our independently developed software products, platforms, or tools, we offer customized software services with supporting technical ones.

Retail & Consumer Services

We offer a wide range of business outsourcing services, including full-process HR outsourcing services, with our omnichannel marketing services from perceiving, planning, producing, executing, and tracking and reviewing. We collaborate with other brands, leverage digital tools to strengthen customer connections, and to improve retail operations. Our goal is to enhance customer-centric marketing business approach, driving terminal operation efficiency, brand terminal performance, retail profitability and consumer satisfaction.

Marketing Business Outsourcing

We offer services that relate to managing retail business processes and staff management in offline retail channels including overall operation management of relevant functions, such as terminal positions employment (salesperson, tally clerks, sales representatives, etc), human resources management, and on-site executive supervision services.

Full Services for Offline Flexible Staffing

We provide comprehensive services for offline part-time staffing to support retail stores during peak times, facilitating offline brand expansion, managing offline promotional activities and other related needs.

Full-service for Terminal Inspection

By employing some mystery customers to assess the service level of frontline staff, know-how, sales tactics, and other aspects, we can identify operational difficulties and weaknesses, provide professional solutions, and assist enterprises in establishing brand standards.

Marketing Activities Services

We help businesses achieve their branding goals through a range of marketing services, including planning, execution, and feedback.

Biomedical Industry Services

We support personnel outsourcing, specialized project outsourcing, human resource consulting and training services for the biomedical industry.

Segmented industries for serving customers: Medical Devices, Bio-pharmaceutical, Medical Services, Chemical Raw Materials, Chemical Agents, Health Materials, Chinese Patent Medicines, Pharmaceutical Business, etc.

Job outreach: SAS Programmers, Lab Investigators, Clinical Data Management Personnel, Clinical Coordinators, Data Operating, Data Server, Onsite Engineers, and Medical Device Repair Engineers, etc.

Government and Public Affairs Services

We offer outsourcing services for the government and state-owned enterprises in terms of specialized human resources and government affairs projects. We provide whole-process personnel outsourcing for public service units. We supply employment promotion, regional personnel training, organization and management for government events, archival business outsourcing, and other related services to the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and neighborhood residents committee, as well as to other governmental departments.

Job outreach: Doctor and Nurse of Communities, Statistician of the Bureau of Statistics, Data Analyst, Short-term Project Staff

One-Stop Finance and Tax Services

We supply integrated finance and tax solutions, including local and cross-regional finance and tax sharing services, process outsourcing of corporate finance and tax, corporate finance and tax consulting, corporate business service, cross-border services, and finance and tax positions outsourcing to help companies reduce costs but increase efficiency.

















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